Tall Art for a Suite’s Bedside

Custom tall art for a hotel suite’s bedside. Concept 1.  - Artwork © Michel Godts

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Bid Request

Submitted by a hotel in New York City.

Creative Brief

The artwork will be mounted on both sides of the bed in the hotel’s exclusive suites. Its dimensions are tall and narrow (2x11 feet), should be abstract with an atmospheric or moody feel, and a layered, soft watercolor look.

Proposed Concept #1

I suggested a visual that looks like a burst of light or energy extending from the light fixture in front of the art. To achieve this, a photograph of sand grooves was transformed into a burst of energetic paint strokes in Photoshop.

Tall Art for a Suite’s Bedside

Proposed Concept #2

My goal was to complement the wood panels and floor that decorate the suites. To create the image I started with the photograph of weathered hardwood boards. Some portions were isolated, duplicated, and composed in Photoshop. A paint rendering effect finalized the artwork.

Tall Art for a Suite’s Bedside #2
Tall Art for a Suite’s Bedside #2


Both concepts were rejected by the hotel. The artworks can be modified and licensed for other decoration projects. Contact me if interested.