Passage Of Time

Passage Of Time :: Fantasy abstract photography - Artwork © Michel Godts

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Tags:  Expressionism  |  Layered  |  Painterly  |  Photomontage  |  Scenic & Landscapes  |  Textures  |  Vibrant  |  Vertical Frame  

Another of my artworks based on a series of photographs from tree rings. The original colors were very flat and after pushing the saturation these amazing bright orange and dark blue colors appeared. I directly thought of a sunset with the tree rings like mountain ridges or ocean waves. To soften the image and make it more dreamy I added a digital painting effect. Finally I drew a white bird to help us create our own narrative for this illustration—something like “A white bird glides over an abstract landscape of mountain ridges fading into a sunset fog.”

An intriguing fantasy art image to uplift your spirit after a hard day of work. (January 2015)

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