Abstract Art From Manipulated Photography—Catalog One

Cover, page spread, picture of spine

This art catalog book presents a collection of photo-based abstract art created by Belgian-American photo artist Michel Godts.

The 56 artworks were created by manipulating original photographs with digital photo editing tools and other techniques. The results are mostly nonrepresentational abstract art compositions in a digital format that can be ordered as fine art archival prints.

This unique contemporary approach to photographic art will intrigue and inspire lovers and collectors of fine art photography and abstract art. This portfolio will also interest artists and photographers who experiment with digital art.


  • 60 pages including cover
  • 56 artworks
  • Full color

Softcover Book—$26.99

  • Order this book.
  • Print dimensions: 8.5x11 inches
  • The interior pages have a velvet-finish quality that beautifully renders the artworks.
  • The cover has a satin UV coating.
  • Perfect binding spine.

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