Fine Art Photographs For Art Collectors—Catalog Books

Catalog covers with picture of spine

The following catalog books cover the fine art photography work from Belgian-American photo artist Michel Godts. They include the photographs that were added for sale in 2008–2020 to the Fine Art Photography collections on this website. Each photograph is available as a single edition print for art collectors and as unsigned photo prints for art lovers who are not interested in collecting originals.


Softcover Books

  • These catalogs are not stocked. They are printed after you order them at Blurb, a print-on-demand service.
  • Print dimensions: 8.5x11 inches
  • The interior pages have a velvet-finish quality that beautifully renders the artworks.
  • The cover has a satin UV coating.
  • Perfect binding spine.

Free eBooks

  • Formatted in a fixed layout that will display single or double pages based on your device’s orientation and/or settings of the app.

Catalog One

Work added for sale in 2008–2012

Catalog Two

Work added for sale in 2012–2014

Catalog Three

Work added for sale in 2014–2017

Catalog Four

Work added for sale in 2018–2019

Catalog Five

Work added for sale in 2019–2020

Catalog Six

Work added for sale in 2020