Fine Art Photographs From Public Art—Catalog One

Cover, page spread, picture of spine

This art catalog book presents a selection of fine art photographs where the main subjects are statues, sculptures, memorial monuments, fountains, or any other art installations that are part of the public space. The 62 photographs were created by Belgian-American photo artist Michel Godts and are sold as limited single edition prints for art collectors and as unsigned photo prints to decorate interior spaces.

The goal of Michel Godts with this work is not to provide visual documentation. Instead, it is to create images that will express moods, tell stories, show abstract compositions, and explore the interaction between art, people, and the environment. To achieve this he uses and combines many techniques: from powerful camera compositions to digital photo manipulations such as minimal and extensive retouching, contrast and color refinements, addition of textures, and more.


  • 64 pages including cover
  • 62 photographs
  • Full color

Softcover Book—$26.99

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  • Print dimensions: 8.5x11 inches
  • The interior pages have a velvet-finish quality that beautifully renders the artworks.
  • The cover has a satin UV coating.
  • Perfect binding spine.

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