Beam Drop In Antwerp

Beam Drop In Antwerp :: Black and white photograph of public art - Artwork © Michel Godts

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Tags:  abstract realism  |  expressionism  |  art installation  |  sculpture  |  black & white  |  horizontal format  

During an outdoor art performance, 100 steel beams were dropped from a large construction crane into an 8-foot-deep pit of wet concrete. Though partially controlled by USA artist Chris Burden, it is chance that created the pronounced angles and interaction between the various profiles. The final random arrangements evoke a primal force that expresses disorder, division and chaos. Burden saw this work as an abstract expressionist sculpture—like abstract expressionist painters threw paint at their canvases, he threw beams at the earth. (Antwerp, August 2018)

Burden performed three “Bean Drop” installations: Art Park, NY (1985); Inhotim, Brazil (2008); and this one at the Middelheim Open Air Sculpture Museum, Antwerp, Belgium (2009).

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